Podcast Interview: How A Hair Salon Uses Ray Dalio’s Principles to Navigate COVID-19

by Braden

In addition to my “day job” career that has included management consulting firm Deloitte👨‍💼, hedge fund Bridgewater Associates 💰, and real estate firm Knotel 🦄, I am co-founder of efoxx HAIR, one of LA’s top luxury boutique salons.

I co-founded the salon ten years ago with my stylist friend Eric Fox and it’s been profitable since year one. It’s also been one of the best learning experiences of my life in running a business. Building the salon taught me the importance of people and culture to running a successful business, which inspired my passion for leadership and management. Over the past decade we’ve navigated losing employees, Eric surviving a grade 3 brain tumor, and now COVID-19.

Hear the founding story of efoxx HAIR and how we apply what I’ve learned from my “day jobs” to running a successful small business using values-based leadership and principled management.

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